Looking for a hands on consultant? Look no further!

Here’s my top ten list.

  1. ENTREPRENEURI have experience. I know what goes into running a business. I have used both traditional and social media in my own career.
  2. CONFIDANTE – I understand how important it is in this business to be discreet. Many of my clients would rather not broadcast that they have hired a blogging coach, social media consultant or that they are giving their resume a makeover, just in case.  I don’t mind being in the shadows. I can help you shine with your own clients and no one has to know.
  3. GEEK – The field is constantly changing and I am too. I learn new social media techniques and tools every day. Living in Austin, Texas is a definite plus when it comes to high tech. I have a very technical background. I attend seminars and conferences and stay informed about the latest social media trends. My skills include: WordPress, Thesis, key words, SMO, SEO, Photoshop, HTML, E-commerce, Keynote, iMovie, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Youtube, video editing and more.
  4. WRITER – I know how to write in a natural voice and I’m an excellent editor. I can give your Linkedin profile or resume an extreme makover. We can work together to come up with some powerful text to show off your expertise. In 2008/2009 I had my own column in Stationery Trends Magazine.
  5. TEACHER – I teach people of all levels to integrate social media marketing concepts into their own businesses.  I do this through one-on-one instruction as well as hands-on-workshops at When Everything Clicks!
  6. MARKETER – An effective social media marketing campaign requires that you know not only the technical tools, but also the netiquette involved in using them. I can teach you the basics as well as advanced uses of these tools, along with the most effective, and socially acceptable ways to use them. And when it comes to marketing campaigns and strategies, I’ve got no shortage of creative ideas up my sleeve.
  7. COACH – I maintain multiple blogs and offer both blog coaching and blog set up for my clients. I know the do’s and don’t of blogging, because I’ve done plenty of both! I also know techniques that other bloggers have used. You can find all of my blogs listed here: www.SueRostvold.com
  8. DESIGNER – I’m sure that my background in Fine Arts as well as my 20 year career in the printing/advertising business has something to do with my eye for good design. Photoshop is my main creative tool, but I also love Keynote for presentations and InDesign for print work. I know my way around the digital world, as well as the print world.
  9. CONSULTANT  – As a successful entrepreneur that has integrated social media into all aspects of my businesses, my experience translates fluently into other industries. I  enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others, problem solving, and brainstorming about creative new marketing ideas for your business.
  10. PHOTOGRAPHER – I majored in Photography at the University of Texas. Although most people know that my specialty is animals, specifically VerySuperCool dogs, I can make any photo look better. Being a certified Adobe Photoshop Expert doesn’t hurt either. I offer affordable headshot photography for your Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Volunteer – This is not a reason to hire me per se, but I would be remiss not to mention that if we work together, in person or long distance, there will be the occasional dog yapping in the background. I am a volunteer with Central Texas Dachshund Rescue and therefore there is usually one foster dachshund, along with two weenies of our own, milling around my office, under my desk, or often in my lap. :)