Ferrets, cigarettes, and lasting friendships

If it wasn’t for ferrets and cigarettes, who knows if I would have even met one of my best friends, Cheryl Finfrock. In the late 80’s we were introduced to each other by mutual friends. They knew that we were both looking for a roommate and finding it increasingly challenging because of our individual vices. I had a nasty cigarette habit, (haven’t smoked for 14 years thank you very much) and Cheryl had ferrets, (can’t remember exactly when she quit those).

We decided to be housemates and became close friends. I didn’t mind if a ferret poked it’s head out between the cushions of the couch occasionally, and she didn’t have a problem with my smoky bedroom. Cheryl was the first person to impress upon me that psychotherapy is fun! She is a true therapy enthusiast. She is all about self-reflection and questioning her own motives. Cheryl loves to analyze her own thoughts and feelings, as well as those around her if  they are game. I think her paintings are merely an extension of that process.


Today my cool friend is an accomplished painter with a very impressive body of work. Last night was Cheryl’s art opening at Wally Workman Gallery, one of Austin’s most prestigious galleries. It was a real Austin scene. Here’s a little video snippet from the event.


What I enjoyed most was overhearing the conversations and interpretations as people took in and tried to make sense of Cheryl’s artistic eye candy. Cheryl is  a fun and funny lady, and so are her paintings. But she also has strong convictions and beliefs that she’s always willing to share. I still find it fascinating that some of her art can be so delightfully whimsical and seriously political at the same time.


If you are in Austin, I highly recommend you stop in the Wally Workman Gallery on West Sixth Street to check out Cheryl Finfrock’s work up close and personal. But hurry, this show will only be up through March 31st. You’ll no doubt laugh, smile and maybe even be slightly disturbed as you examine the crazy and colorful images that pour out of her brain and onto each canvas.

Don’t be surprised when Finfrock’s imagery even finds it’s way into your subconscious at night.

She has exhibited in Paris, New York, Bulgaria, Berlin, San Francisco, and the Czech Republic just to name a few. Cheryl is also hip to social media, so if you really want to keep up with her every move, be the first to see her new creations, etc… you should follow her on twitter, @cherylfinfrock. You could also be a Finfrock fan on Facebook or just visit CherylFinfrock.com for more info and upcoming shows.


10 thoughts on “Ferrets, cigarettes, and lasting friendships”

  1. Cheryl’s show was most impressive. The colors and outrageous
    imagery had me smiling with wide eyes. Wally Workman’s Gallery
    is a very cool space and Wally is a very gracious owner.

  2. Loved seeing Cheryl’s show featured on your blog, especially listening to Cheryl describe the paintings. Thanks so much for coming! Wally

  3. You know Cheryl, ferrets are pretty whimsical creatures. I’m surprised ferrets haven’t wriggled their way into your paintings! I predict a ferret in future works!

  4. Thanks for comment Wally. You’ve got such an awesome gallery! I love galleries that you feel comfortable, and yours definitely does. Not to mention you’ve got great taste when it comes to artwork. :)

  5. I love Cheryl’s work and would have been at the opening if I hadn’t been out of town that weekend! Her way with color, shape, motion, and meaning are provocative and grounding at the same time! Great Austin Artist, Great Austin Gallery! HOORAY! woof!woof! :)

  6. That was one gutsy show! I haven’t heard so much controvery over an artist’s body of work since keith Haring first appeared on the art scene with his street graffiti. I just love this stuff.
    Bravo Ms Finfrock!

  7. You’re right, your friend and I are similar. I also believe in therapy, and insist upon being real and transparent. I would hope those around me would do the same. I don’t have time for games. I believe knowing yourself leads to happiness, as well as a strong faith in God and in life.

    As for ferrets, why I have no idea, but I was picturing ferrets smoking cigarettes. Yes, I probably still need to be in therapy, though I was discharged long ago. ;oD


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