Email Nirvana? Use OtherInbox!

otherinbox_logo_800Got too many emails? Who doesn’t these days. Ahem, that would be me.  I’ve been using OtherInbox for about six months and honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without it. I pride myself on being organized, almost to the OCD level, and OtherInbox has helped me save time and anguish by pre-organizing my emails, as well as drastically reducing my spam.

Joshua Baer, founder and CEO, explains OtherInbox with one simple sentence.

“It’s the e-mail account to send all that stuff that you want to get but you don’t want interrupting you during your day in your primary box.”

Last fall Joshua Baer and co-founder Mike Subelsky presented Otherinbox at TechCrunch50. After watching the presentation online, I was sold. Then I got an invite from Joshua to use the beta version. Yay! I’ve been in a state of email bliss ever since. Insert Buddhist chant here: Name Ho Renge Kyo.

I’ve had a hard time explaining this application to friends. Just mention the word email and the thought of opening another account, and they freak out and say they already have too many email accounts, etc… But the thing is, this is super easy to use, it’s just that the concept is foreign. I guess you could say I’m a lazy customer evangelist for I absolutely love it, but I’m not willing to do an entire pitch to convince everyone that they will love it too. Even though I know they will.

Joshua Baer is an Austinite, which is clearly obvious from his website, He was just interviewed this morning on our local KXAN television station because OtherInbox is going public tomorrow at SXSW! Congrats guys!

Regarding MY OtherInbox? I counted this morning and I have approximately 125 mailboxes in my OtherInbox account. It’s great to be able to make up email addresses on the fly. Sometimes it can be amusing too. For example, the other night I went to my first Toastmaster’s meeting. At the end they asked me for my email, so I wrote down: They weren’t sure what to make of that. Was I a spy? Perhaps the grand master from another Toastmaster group? Again, I found myself explaining what OtherInbox was all about, yadda, yadda, yadda…

I know that after SXSW Interactive many more people will find enlightenment through this awesome email application. I think from now on, I’ll send my friends to my blog and just tell to do a search for “nirvana” and watch the embedded videos, instead of trying to explain OtherInbox. I can’t do a better job than Joshua anyway. It truly is the cure for email overload. If I had to describe it in one simple sentence I think I’d say,

“It’s the email system that a Zen Buddhist monk would use, if he used email.”

4 thoughts on “Email Nirvana? Use OtherInbox!”

  1. Ooops, my bad. Didn’t know it was still in beta. The good news is, I just sent you an invite from my OtherInbox account! Enjoy!

  2. Good to know Ross. But here’s the deal, you don’t need an invite to use OtherInbox anymore. I wrote this posts about 24 hours before they went public, so now ANYONE can sign up for this cool service!

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