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Social Media Therapy: 1. Learning about social media daily and sharing what I know 2. Helping clients understand that they will never know it all. No one can! 3. Listening to social media woes 4. Social Media Hand Holding.

Social Media Helps Nonprofits Prosper

This month’s Austin Social Media Club featured a panel of nonprofit movers and shakers who answered questions from David Neff (another local nonprofit rock star) about how they utilize social media within their organizations. Although the topics vary from month to month, I noticed from the first club meeting I attended that social media for social good is always an underlying theme. Sure, people want to grow their businesses and grow their networks using social media, but using social media tools to facilitate a call to action, is what Austin Social Media Club does best. Whether you’re talking about @ConnieReece and The Frozen Pea Fund, or @MikeChapman and Mobile Loaves & Fishes, @MichelleGreer and the hugely successful Austin Charity Water Twestival or @daveiam and Lights. Camera.Help., it’s all about making a difference.

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A free WordPress blog can really cost you

Wordpress Dog“I’m just going to get a free blog from I mean, why pay for something when you can get it for free?” I’ve heard this more than once, and it makes me crazy. I’m sure that sometimes people think I’m trying to get them to hire me when I explain why a free WordPress blog doesn’t always make sense. I’m not. I just like to share information, especially when I think it can keep them from major headaches later on. (I know. I ‘ve had this headache.)

When someone says they have a free blog at, what they mean is, they have free web hosting. is hosting the site for them at no charge. They are supplying both the application, (WordPress is built into the site), and the web server. Web hosting is a service that companies provide to help you keep track of and store all the files for your website. Everything on the internet needs to have a home on some computer somewhere. When you hear people talk about their web server, they are talking about the physical computer or computers that their web host uses to store all the files that make up their website.

When you sign up with a web hosting company, like, then you have access to all the files that make up your blog. The guts of your website, you know, the html, css, php, and all those other crazy coded files that don’t make much sense until you need them.

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I need a website! Where do I start?

wordleNeed a website? Well it’s never been easier! One option is to hire someone to set up a site for you, have them spend a couple hours teaching you the basics, and then you are well on your way. Below are some beginning steps to¬†ensure a great start. Continue reading I need a website! Where do I start?

KGSR Radio, New Kid in Town, and Twitter

car_radio artThis morning I turned on the radio in my car to hear one of my favorite Eagles’ songs, New Kid In Town. I had a very nostalgic little drive to my neighborhood grocery store. This song came out in 1978, the same year I graduated from high school.

On my way back from the store what I didn’t expect to hear was “Tweet to Win!”. K-Geezer (a.k.a. 107.1 KGSR Radio Austin) engaging their listeners on twitter? I guess I don’t listen to the radio enough to realize it’s becoming the norm. I decided to do a search, and sure enough, I found a site that lists radio stations on twitter.

New Media and radio seem like a natural fit in many ways. When you think about traditional advertising, (Radio-Television-Newspaper), it’s clear who has had the edge all along. In fact, radio perhaps was the very first form of social media marketing using technology. They have been engaging with their listeners since the very beginning. I’m not saying they did it well, but they were getting feedback and engaging none the less, even way back in the early days of radio.

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I feel lucky, but still need The Scrupski Rules


I feel lucky. My husband always says that it’s not luck, it’s that we make smart choices. But sometimes it just feels like luck. Lately I feel lucky to be healthy, to have a vegetable garden, and to live in Austin, which often feels like the Social Media capital of the world.

When I first met Susan Scrupski, Ms. ITSinsider, at a holiday party over a year ago, I had no idea of how connected she was in the 2.0 community. I quickly came to realize that she is very smart and on the cutting edge of just about everything. I was intrigued and impressed by the story of how she began her Enterprise 2.0 career. She is one of those people that you hear about, but rarely meet. She started writing about what she was interested in, and her blog launched her into an exciting new position. Continue reading I feel lucky, but still need The Scrupski Rules

Email Nirvana? Use OtherInbox!

otherinbox_logo_800Got too many emails? Who doesn’t these days. Ahem, that would be me.¬† I’ve been using OtherInbox for about six months and honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without it. I pride myself on being organized, almost to the OCD level, and OtherInbox has helped me save time and anguish by pre-organizing my emails, as well as drastically reducing my spam.

Joshua Baer, founder and CEO, explains OtherInbox with one simple sentence.

“It’s the e-mail account to send all that stuff that you want to get but you don’t want interrupting you during your day in your primary box.”

Last fall Joshua Baer and co-founder Mike Subelsky presented Otherinbox at TechCrunch50. After watching the presentation online, I was sold. Then I got an invite from Joshua to use the beta version. Yay! I’ve been in a state of email bliss ever since. Insert Buddhist chant here: Name Ho Renge Kyo. Continue reading Email Nirvana? Use OtherInbox!

Social Media, it’s really nothing new

Social media, it’s really nothing new. Thirty-two thousand years ago people were being social, sharing stories and communicating experiences with pictures using the only media they had at the time; cave paintings. Social media is simply the tools you use to communicate your message; plant dyes on a cave wall or a Flickr widget on a WordPress blog.

Lascaux cave painting

The tools will continue to change, that’s why I think it’s so important none of us get hung up on learning this application or that application exclusively. The key is to learn concepts and be fearless in trying new tools, as you’ll find that new ones pop up daily.

I have friends that get SO upset when ever they hear about something new, “Oh great, something else I have to learn.” That won’t cut it in the social media world. You need to get excited about new things, and come on, how hard is that? We are living in an amazing era with technology changing daily and social networking groups connecting us in brand new ways. Who knows what will happen in the coming year? I mean, how can you NOT be excited?

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