Social Networking: “The Costanza Method”

The best and the worst aspect of social networking is one in the same.

There’s always a party going on online anytime, day or night, filled with interesting, creative, intelligent, funny people that want to have conversations, share their lives, offer business advice and connect.

Believe it or not, this was a recent revelation to me. I had one of those “A-ha!” Oprah moments, or whatever you want to call it. I must confess that the never ending Web 2.0 party is pretty addictive, but I try to remember it’s just an accessory to my 3D life. Just like going to a real party, two or three hours is more than plenty.

george costanza

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Social Media, it’s really nothing new

Social media, it’s really nothing new. Thirty-two thousand years ago people were being social, sharing stories and communicating experiences with pictures using the only media they had at the time; cave paintings. Social media is simply the tools you use to communicate your message; plant dyes on a cave wall or a Flickr widget on a WordPress blog.

Lascaux cave painting

The tools will continue to change, that’s why I think it’s so important none of us get hung up on learning this application or that application exclusively. The key is to learn concepts and be fearless in trying new tools, as you’ll find that new ones pop up daily.

I have friends that get SO upset when ever they hear about something new, “Oh great, something else I have to learn.” That won’t cut it in the social media world. You need to get excited about new things, and come on, how hard is that? We are living in an amazing era with technology changing daily and social networking groups connecting us in brand new ways. Who knows what will happen in the coming year? I mean, how can you NOT be excited?

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An Enthusiastic “Hello World!”

This is the first entry in my new blog; my therapeutic social media journal if you will.  In case you didn’t know, I am pro therapy, both giving and getting. To me therapy means being reflective, figuring things out by talking or writing, viewing situations in a totally new way, and having the luxury of getting a different and/or unbiased perspective whenever possible.

Regarding social media, I’m no expert, but I am an enthusiast. Enthusiast, hmmm…  isn’t that really a positive way of admitting my obsessive-compulsive tendencies? But wait, if you think about it, obsessive-compulsive is just a negative way of describing someone who is very focused. And since I am not my mother, i.e. I try to see the glass half full, I choose to describe myself as a very focused New Media Enthusiast!

sue-and-momc. 1965
Wayzata, Minnesota
Mom and Me

Looking back on this photo I can’t help buy wonder why I was so bundled up,  but my mother was dressed as if it were a warm spring afternoon. I didn’t know it at the time, but I now understand that my mother showed her love in cryptic ways, like how tight the scarf  was tied around my head. She was obsessed with my ears being covered so that I wouldn’t catch cold.

When I look at this photo I think of four things;  I never liked scarves, that jacket was from a garage sale, I had just gotten in trouble for something, and I wanted to hold the kitty.

Pikes Peak Freewheeling

This is the only post that survived my previous blog. I couldn’t resist. It was an experience of a lifetime and I just had to include it.

Pikes Peak had been closed the previous three days due to heavy snowfall and ice. We were at 14,110 ft elevation, it was 25 degrees, and the winds were gusting to 30 mph.

It was three weeks ago, but I still start hyperventilating when I talk about it. My sister Nancy and I took a cross country road trip together in August and we had a blast. The highlight was definitely when we road mountain bikes down from the top of Pikes Peak to the bottom. We went from 14,000 to 6,000 elevation in just twenty miles. The guides told us at the end that we were one of the fastest groups of the summer, and were traveling at 35 miles per hour at times! Yikes!


I happened to pick up this brochure, “Pikes Peak By Bike – The Ultimate Ride”, as we were getting ready to head out of Manitou Springs, Colorado. My sister is 56 and I’m 48, and after looking at the brochure Nancy said, “Let’s do this! Come on, we won’t want to do this in 5 or 10 years, and we’re right here. So let’s go for it!”

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