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Social Media Therapy: 1. Learning about social media daily and sharing what I know 2. Helping clients understand that they will never know it all. No one can! 3. Listening to social media woes 4. Social Media Hand Holding.

Google Profile DIY

Want Google To Find You?

I have a good friend who thinks Google is going to take over the world, and not in a good way. Whenever she brings up the subject my mind quickly fills with images from the Terminator movies. Machines take control and mankind as we know it is doomed. I know where she’s coming from, regarding […]

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Social Media, it’s really nothing new

Social media, it’s really nothing new. Thirty-two thousand years ago people were being social, sharing stories and communicating experiences with pictures using the only media they had at the time; cave paintings. Social media is simply the tools you use to communicate your message; plant dyes on a cave wall or a Flickr widget on […]

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